I'd just turned 30 and I was working in a job that I hated! I decided then I needed to get out, I needed to be working in the creative industry doing something I loved.
Till that point I'd never picked up any kind of professional camera other then the classic point and shoot. I'd never even considered it as a career! I always believed you needed formal training in these kind of things.
I bought a film camera off ebay for £30! it was a film SLR and from the first few rolls I knew i'd found what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. With support from my wife I bought my first real Digital SLR and I started building my portfolio.
I was learning as I went trial and error with a lot of error to start! I would spend every waking hour practising or researching how to use my camera and capture images.
I had a small portfolio when I was made redundant from my job, suddenly I had a choice, either get another job i'd hate or take the plung. 
Five years on I have captured everything from wedding, family's, fashion, product and portraits. I have my own studio been published and won an award for my photography. I feel buying that £30 SLR was the best decision I ever made and I can't wait to work with more amazing people.
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